Friday, February 27, 2009

The protector of creative freedom— The ECD!

As a young creative, there's one person who seems like they are always out to get you. She tramples on your brilliant ideas. She sorts through the nuggets of pure gold you place in front of them, and find the smallest, dullest nugget (still pure gold— after all it's yours!) to show their approval of.

This person is the head of the creative department, be they CCO, ECD, GCD, whatever. Her job (I keep saying her because at WG, she's female) is to make sure all the creative that goes out into the world is up to par. It's not an easy job, I'm sure. Someday I hope I'll know firsthand.

However, crushing your creativity is not all this person does. She also steps in to kick ass when anyone else tries to crush your creativity. This means anyone: clients, account folks, even fellow creatives. Because her job it to protect good ideas, and make sure they have a place to grow.

So appreciate your ECD, even when he or she smiles thinly and silently shakes her head no.

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