Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings Time=False Advertising

Daylight savings time began this weekend, and as I woke up this morning at 6:00, and everything told me it was 7:00, I thought about how DST is really a great metaphor for the old model of advertising.

Personally, if the powers that be, that is, whoever it is that decides we continue the DST charade, came to me and said, "B, we need you to wake up an hour earlier. It'll suck for you, but it will help somebody. Could you swing it?" I would be on board.

They don't do that though. Instead, they sneak in in the dead of night and change the time. When I realize, say around noon on Sunday, that it's really 1:00, I feel like I just lost an hour, and the day is that much closer to being over. They even get my computer in on the action, and my cell, making my trusted devices lie to me.

The old model of advertising talks down to people, and lies to them, and tries to make them feel bad for not participating.

The new model talks to people. It engages them, informs them and asks them to give it a chance. It empowers them, and encourages them to tell a friend if they like what they experience.

So as you look at sunrises again as you drive into work, think about how bad it feels to be lied to, and try not to get in on that action.

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