Thursday, April 9, 2009


The other day I came home after a day at the office. Drop my bag. Take out the dog, Say Hi to my son, then my wife. Sit down and take off my shoes. Pull one shoestring. Nothing happens, because my shoes are double-knotted. When was the last time I double knotted my shoes? It was many years ago, I'm sure of it. At some point, you grow out of the need to double-knot your shoes. Something about being a kid makes shoes untie faster. Must be the constant vibration.

Which brings me to why I've double-knotted my shoes. Somehow, in tying my son's shoes (which of course come untied in seconds after his feet hit the ground in left single-knotted) I've developed a habit. When my hands are left to their own devices, without my conscious mind to guide them, they tie a double-knot.

It's not just knots. I've found myself peeling the whole banana I'm about to eat, as if I were about to break it up for the boy. I've almost put bubble bath in the shower.

This post doesn't have a lot to do with advertising, but it does have a bit to do with life. What are your habits? What made them develop? Should you try breaking them?

Switching things up can give you a new perspective, even if it's just on how you take your coffee. And a small change in perspective can be all you need to break through a difficult problem.

Edward De Bono explains that the brain finds paths to follow so it can do its job (controlling your body parts) most efficiently. Breaking a habit can get your brain off a path, and into new territory.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one. Have a happy holiday weekend, if your weekend includes celebrating.

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  1. Just like Thoreau wore a path at Walden within weeks :-)